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de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.2

de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.I

English Music for Oboe
English Music for Oboe

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Toshio Hosokawa

Christian Wolff CD
Christian Wolff

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Harmonic Labyrinth

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James Dillon
Rohan de Saram

04 July 2006Germany, OldenburgSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Nottewebsite
09 November 2006Italy, TriesteSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
17 April 2007Netherlands, Amsterdam: GaudeamusSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
21 November 2007Austria, BludenzSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
28 September 2008ParmaSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Nottewebsite
24 October 2008HeidelbergSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
05 November 2008Lyon, La Tourette. To 09/11/2008Salvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
22 November 2008PragueSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Nottewebsite
25 November 2008BrnoSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
04 September 2009Panicale (Italy), 29/08/2009 till 07/09/2009Salvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
14 November 2009Aberdeen S-O-U-N-D Festival: Aberdeen Art GallerySalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Nottewebsite
05 February 2010Residency at University of Minesota, Minneapolis; till 12/02Salvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
06 October 2010Parma, ItalySalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
09 October 2010Forli, ItalySalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
07 July 2011France; Rheims, Festival Les Flaneries Musicales; SynagogueSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Nottewebsite
09 August 2011UK; Dartington, 19:45 in the Great HallSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
04 November 2011Cyprus; Nicosia, RecitalSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
19 April 2013UK, London, Menier Gallery (The Chocolate Factory)Salvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
23 August 2013Italy, Panicale: book launch & recital, Teatro Cesare Caporali 9pmSalvatore Sciarrino (website)Ai Limiti Della Notte 
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