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de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.2

de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.I

English Music for Oboe
English Music for Oboe

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Toshio Hosokawa

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Christian Wolff

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Harmonic Labyrinth

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James Dillon
Rohan de Saram

04 July 2006Germany, OldenburgZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8website
23 August 2006Austria, Seefeld (Festival Avantgarde Tirol)Zoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
09 September 2006Germany, RuemlingenZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8website
24 November 2006UK, Scotland, AberdeenZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
01 December 2006Cyprus, NicosiaZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
27 February 2007Sri Lanka, ColomboZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
24 March 2007France, ClunyZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
27 April 2007Mexico, EnsenadaZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
06 May 2007Italy, VeniceZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
11 May 2007UK, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Lunchtime recitalZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
31 August 2007Switzerland, LocarnoZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
14 September 2007Japan, Shizuoka: lunchtime solo recitalZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
20 September 2007Japan, Tokyo. Duo Recital with Piano in the Presence of Empress MichikoZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
27 September 2007Japan, Tokyo; Wonder Site. Duo Recital with FluteZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
19 February 2008StockholmZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8website
07 March 2008Cleveland, USAZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
10 March 2008Denver, USAZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
24 April 2008Milan, University of MilanZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
17 May 2008ModenaZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
04 December 2008Denia, SpainZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
11 July 2009Devon, UK: Solo RecitalZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
25 July 2010Kalmar, SwedenZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
27 July 2010Halmstad, SwedenZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
28 July 2010Bastad, SwedenZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
29 July 2010Norrbarke, SwedenZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
31 July 2010Hassleby, SwedenZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
09 March 2012USA, Lou Harrison House, Los Angeles till 22/03/2012Zoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
15 June 2013Switzerland, BaselZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
16 August 2015Switzerland, Soglio; Chiesa S. LorenzoZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
13 May 2017UK, Oxford; masterclass at Oxford UniversityZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
12 January 2018Switzerland, Basel, Gare du Nord: 20:00hrZoltan Kodaly (website)Sonata op. 8 
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