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de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.2

de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.I

English Music for Oboe
English Music for Oboe

Toshio Hosokawa CD
Toshio Hosokawa

Christian Wolff CD
Christian Wolff

Harmonic Labyrinth CD Cover
Harmonic Labyrinth

Berio Complete Sequenzas CD Cover
Complete Sequenzas

Interpretenportrait CD Cover

Watersmeet CD Cover

Prabhanda And Ragamalas CD Cover

Innovative Music Meeting CD Cover
The Innovative
Music Meeting

Britten Cello Suitesg CD Cover
Britten Cello Suites

Xenakis Epicycless CD Cover
Xenakis Epicycles

Pousseur CD Cover
Henri Pousseur

Kagel CD Cover
Mauricio Kagel

Feldman CD Cover
Morton Feldman

Dillon CD Cover
James Dillon
Rohan de Saram

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Mapped using what3words
Thursday20 Dec 2007Hanoi 
Sunday16 Dec 2007Dublin: Printinghouse Festivalwebsite
Saturday15 Dec 2007Dublin 
Wednesday28 Nov 2007Bueno Aires 
Tuesday27 Nov 2007Buenos Aires 
Wednesday21 Nov 2007Bludenz, Austria 
Wednesday07 Nov 2007Stuttgart 
Monday05 Nov 2007Stuttgart. Teaching week 
Saturday03 Nov 2007Aberdeen; Illustrated Talk; Improvisations with Fred Frithwebsite
Friday02 Nov 2007Aberdeen Sound
Tuesday30 Oct 2007Aberdeenwebsite
Friday26 Oct 2007Berlin; Recording 
Friday19 Oct 2007Paris; Recording till 21st 
Wednesday10 Oct 2007Oslo Ultima Festival 
Tuesday02 Oct 2007Tokyo; Recording till 5th 
Thursday27 Sep 2007Tokyo; Wonder Site. Duo Recital with Flute 
Thursday20 Sep 2007Tokyo. Duo Recital with Piano in the Presence of Empress Michiko 
Saturday15 Sep 2007Shizuoka 
Friday14 Sep 2007Shizuoka: lunchtime solo recital 
Friday31 Aug 2007Locarno 
Tuesday17 Jul 2007Lisbon 
Tuesday26 Jun 2007York University. 5.30pm recital 
Wednesday06 Jun 2007Spitalfields, London. Programme for two celloswebsite
Sunday03 Jun 2007Toronto 
Friday11 May 2007Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK. Lunchtime recital 
Thursday10 May 2007Cambridge University, Clare College. Master Class 
Sunday06 May 2007Venice 
Friday27 Apr 2007Ensenada, Mexico 
Tuesday17 Apr 2007Amsterdam: Gaudeamus 
Sunday15 Apr 2007Amsterdam: Gaudeamus. Adjudication week 
Saturday14 Apr 2007Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music 
Friday13 Apr 2007Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music 
Tuesday10 Apr 2007Madrid 
Saturday24 Mar 2007Cluny, France 
Monday12 Mar 2007CALarts, LA, California. Teaching residency and recital 
Tuesday27 Feb 2007Colombo 
Sunday25 Feb 2007Colombo 
Wednesday14 Feb 2007Graz, IMPULS 2007. Lecturer, 15th-18th Februarywebsite
Monday05 Feb 2007Madrid 
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