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de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.2

de Saram in Concert CD Cover
de Saram in Concert vol.I

English Music for Oboe
English Music for Oboe

Toshio Hosokawa CD
Toshio Hosokawa

Christian Wolff CD
Christian Wolff

Harmonic Labyrinth CD Cover
Harmonic Labyrinth

Berio Complete Sequenzas CD Cover
Complete Sequenzas

Interpretenportrait CD Cover

Watersmeet CD Cover

Prabhanda And Ragamalas CD Cover

Innovative Music Meeting CD Cover
The Innovative
Music Meeting

Britten Cello Suitesg CD Cover
Britten Cello Suites

Xenakis Epicycless CD Cover
Xenakis Epicycles

Pousseur CD Cover
Henri Pousseur

Kagel CD Cover
Mauricio Kagel

Feldman CD Cover
Morton Feldman

Dillon CD Cover
James Dillon
Rohan de Saram

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Cello With Instruments Other Than Piano
Milton Babbitt Autobiography of the Eye Concerts
JS Bach Selection from Two-Part Inventions Concerts
Guido Baggiani Duo Concertante Concerts
Simon Bainbridge Clarinet Trio (written for Angela Malsbury (clarinet) David Pettit (piano) & Rohan)
Richard Beaudoin Les Deux Lauriers Concerts
Konrad Beck Improvisation on a hymn from Lotringe Concerts
Konrad Beck Suite pour deux violoncelles Concerts
Ludwig van Beethoven Archduke Trio Concerts
Ludwig van Beethoven Clarinet Trio Opus 11 in Bb
Ludwig van Beethoven Eyeglass Duo Concerts
Ludwig van Beethoven Ghost Trio: Largo assai ed espressivo Concerts
Chris Best Fragilities Concerts
Harrison Birtwistle Nine Settings of Lorine Niedecker Concerts
Pierre Boulez Message Esquise for Seven Cellos Concerts
Johannes Brahms Clarinet Trio Concerts
Johannes Brahms Clarinet Trio, 2nd movement Concerts
Johannes Brahms One movement from Sextet No.1 in B flat major op. 18 Concerts
Johannes Brahms Piano Trio in B major Concerts
Johannes Brahms Sextet Op.18 in B flat Concerts
Gregers Brinch Two Movements for Piano Quartet (written for Rohan, Ashan Pillai. Kausikan Rajeshkumar, Mandhira de Saram) Concerts
John Cage Variations 1 Concerts
Cornelius Cardew Piece for percussion, cello and piano Concerts
Richard Carrick La Scéne Miniature, written for Carin Levine (piccolo ) & Rohan Concerts
Elliott Carter Enchanted Preludes Concerts
Philip Cashian Dark Flight for six cellos Concerts
Paolo Cavallone Daimon (written for Pascal Gallois, Magnus Andersson & Rohan) Concerts
Ernest Chausson Chanson Perpetuelle for voice and quartet Concerts
Michel Corrette Les Delices de la Solitude op 20 Concerts
Michel Corrette Sonata no. 2 in D minor Concerts
Michel Corrette work for bassoon & guitar with cello continuo Concerts
Gianvincenzo Cresta Gesti di un Diario (written for Pascal Gallois, Magnus Andersson & Rohan) Concerts
Gordon Crosse Clarinet Trio (written for Angela Malsbury (clarinet) David Pettit (piano) & Rohan)
Gordon Crosse Little Epiphany for oboe and cello (written for Rohan & Sarah Francis) Disc
George Crumb Black Angels Quartet Concerts
Brian Current Duet For Cellos (written for Rohan & David Hetherington) Concerts
Vincent D'Indy Clarinet Trio
Karl Davidof Sextet
Steve Davismoon Incantation (written for Richard Craig (flute), Roberto Fabbriciani (flute), Tadej Kenig (clarinet) & Rohan) Concerts
Manuel De Falla Suite Populaire Espagnole (arr. Marechal/Llobet) Concerts
Michel de la Barre Prelude & Chaconne in G major Concerts
Matheus de Perusio Le Greygnour Bien Concerts
Marco di Bari New Work for cello & bassoon Concerts
Paul-Heinz Dittrich Kammermusik XII Concerts
Stephen Dodgson Duo for cello and guitar(written for Rohan & John Williams) Concerts Disc
Ross Edwards Water Spirit Song (cello & live water sounds) Concerts
Hans Ulrich Engelmann Passatopresenza, for ensemble Concerts
Julio Estrada Yuunohui'nahui'yey Concerts
Gabriel Fauré Piano Quartet op 15 in C minor Concerts
Ivan Fedele Paroles y Palebras Concerts
Ivan Fedele Quartetitti 1-3 Disc
Morton Feldman Film score for two cellos from silent film Jackson Pollock Concerts
Morton Feldman Music for the Film 'Jackson Pollock' Concerts
Morton Feldman Trio for piano, violin and cello Concerts Disc
Alisa Firsova Le Soleil de Conques: concerto for two cellos and string orchestra Concerts
Mikael Forsman Grapheme Concerts
Arturo Fuentes Rabbiduck (written for Rohan & Robert Zorn (percussion)) Concerts
Dai Fujikura The Voice (written for Rohan & Pascal Gallois (bassoon)) Concerts Disc
Domenico Gabrielli Canon, cello and marimba (originally for two cellos) Concerts
Domenico Gabrielli Sonata in A major Concerts
Domenico Gabrielli Sonata in G major Concerts
Philippe Gaubert Soir d'Automne Concerts
Zeynep Gedizlioglu Mut (for four cellos)
Rolf Gehlhaar Conversation on Colour and Time (written for Rohan & his son Suren) Concerts
Reinhold Glière Duos For Violin & Cello Opus 39 Concerts
Enrique Granados Danza Espanola op 37, No 5 Concerts
Sofia Gubaidulina In Croce
Sofia Gubaidulina Rejoice! Concerts
Handel/Halvorsen Passacaglia for violin and cello
Keiko Harada Evolvement Concerts
Joseph Haydn Trio in D major Hob.XV:16: 1: Allegro Concerts
Philippe Hersant Huit Duos, for cello and bassoon Concerts
Paul Hindemith Duet for viola and cello
Alistair Hinton Duo for violin & cello
Toshio Hosokawa Stunden Blumen Concerts
Klaus Huber A l'ame de descendre de sa monture et aller sur ses pieds de soie, for soprano, cello, bariton, accordion & percussion with poems by Mahmoud Darwish Concerts
Improvisations In Sinhalese Style, with Magnus Andersson Concerts
Improvisations Music & Painting; with Joanna Jones, Antonis Anissegos, Nicolas Papageorgiou. Concerts
Improvisations with Aneesh Pradhan (tabla) Concerts
Improvisations with Carin Levine Concerts
Improvisations with Erwan Keravec Concerts
Improvisations with Federico Sanesi (tabla) Concerts
Improvisations with Garth Knox, Rolf-Erik Nystrom, Frode Haltli Concerts
Improvisations with Georges-Emmanuel Schneider (Violin), Marianne Schröder (Piano), Jürgen Grözinger (Percussion) Concerts
Improvisations with Hans Leygraf (piano) and Raymond Strid (percussion) Concerts
Improvisations with Jean-Charles François and Jean-Pierre Drouet Concerts
Improvisations with Jonathan Mayer Concerts
Improvisations with other artists Concerts
Improvisations with Patricia Rozario (soprano), Veena Sahasrabuddhe (vocalist), Dhruba Ghosh (sarangi), Sanju Sahai (tabla) Concerts
Improvisations with Rajesh Mehta Concerts
Improvisations with Rajesh Mehta (trumpet) and Suren de Saram (percussion) Concerts
Improvisations with Stephen Froleyks Concerts
Improvisations with Suren de Saram (percussion) Concerts
Improvisations with Suren de Saram (percussion) and Kausikan Rajeshkumar (piano) Oonagh Devoy (video) Concerts
Improvisations with Vincent Royer (viola) Concerts
Gabriel Iranye Begegnungen Concerts
Martun Israelyan Piano Trio Concerts
Mauricio Kagel Match Concerts Disc
Sven Lyder Kahrs Mais Tes Désirs Ont La Couleur Du Vent Concerts
Ji Young Kang Gesang der Ewigkeit II Concerts
Ashot Kartalyan Piano Trio Concerts
Julius Klengel Suite in D minor for two cellos, op.22 Concerts
Alexander Knaifel 'Comforter' for 9 cellos Concerts
Garth Knox Malor Me Bat for viola d'amore and cello Concerts
Garth Knox Nine Fingers Concerts
Zoltan Kodaly Duo for violin and cello Concerts
Barbara Kolb Extremes Concerts
Gyorgy Kurtag Hommage à Tristan for viola and cello (1991) Concerts
Gyorgy Kurtag Négy initium az Hommage à Jacob Obrecht-ből for viola and cello (2005) Concerts
Gyorgy Kurtag Pas à Pas - Nulle Part Concerts
Gyorgy Kurtag Signs, Games & Messages Concerts
Gyorgy Kurtag Versetto (Apokrif Organum) for viola and cello (1998) Concerts
Helmut Lachenmann Thema Concerts
Gyorgy Ligeti String Quartet no. 1 Disc
Gyorgy Ligeti String Quartet no. 2 Concerts Disc
Peter Lindroth Ce Guisson (written for Magnus Andersson, Rohan, Pascal Gallois) Concerts
Sebastien Lipman Song of India Concerts
Witold Lutoslawski Bucolics for viola and cello
Gerhard Müller-Hornbach Das Nahe Suchen Concerts
Tigran Mansurian String Trio, written for Movses Pogossian (violin) Kim Kashkashian (viola) and Rohan Concerts
Marin Marais Les Folies d'Esagne Concerts
Laura Marconi Birds of Paradise Concerts
Miklos Maros Mirror (for cello & guitar) Concerts
Bohuslav Martinu Duo for violin and cello
Bohuslav Martinu Trio: II Adagio Concerts
John Mayer From Six Ragamalas for cello and tampura (written for Rohan & John Mayer) Concerts
John Mayer Krishna & the Gopis ( for female choir, cello & tampura) (written for Rohan, John Mayer & Cantamus) Concerts
John Mayer No. 6 From Six Ragamalas for cello and tampura (written for Rohan & John Mayer) Concerts
John Mayer Sarasvati Concerts
John Mayer Six Ragamalas for cello and tampura (written for Rohan & John Mayer) Concerts Disc
Rajesh Mehta Interpretation of Songlines Jewels Concerts
Felix Mendelssohn Trio in D minor Concerts
Olivier Messiaen Quartet For The End Of Time Concerts
Olivier Messiaen Three Birdsongs (as notated by Messiean in Traité) Concerts
Chris Molloy Duel for cello & guitar Concerts
Emanuel Moor Suite pour deux violoncelles op.110 Concerts
WA Mozart Clarinet Quintet Concerts
WA Mozart Divertimento in E flat K 563 Concerts
WA Mozart Duo for bassoon and cello Concerts
WA Mozart Piano Quartet in G minor Concerts
WA Mozart Sonata KV292 for bassoon & cello Concerts
WA Mozart Trio in B♭ Major K.V. 502 Concerts
Pippa Murphy High Tide, a Winter Afternoon (written for Richard Craig (flute), Roberto Fabbriciani (flute), Tadej Kenig (clarinet) & Rohan) Concerts
Masakazu Natsuda Pillar of the Sky
Olga Neuwirth In Nacht und Eis Concerts Disc
Nicolas Ng Group improvisation Concerts
Jacques Offenbach Duo op 53 no. 2 for two cellos Concerts
Pierluigi da Palestrina Jesu Rex (elaborazione di Aldo Brizzi) Concerts
Pauset & Mundry Die Vorüberlaufenden (Trio for flute, bassoon and cello) Concerts
Mika Pelo In Silent Ways (written for Pascal Gallois, Magnus Andersson & Rohan) Concerts
Mika Pelo Soundways (2010) (written for Pascal Gallois, Magnus Andersson & Rohan) Concerts
Goffredo Petrassi Five Duetti Concerts
Robert Phillips Larghetto Rubato (written for Rohan, Pascal Gallois and Magnus Andersson) Concerts
Alfredo Piatti Serenata per due violoncelli Concerts
Mathias Pintscher Figura I-V Disc
Mathias Pintscher Janusgesicht for viola and cello
Sergei Rachmaninov Trio 'Elegiac' (1892) Concerts
Maurice Ravel Chansons Madécasses Concerts
Maurice Ravel Piano Trio Concerts
Maurice Ravel Sonata for violin and cello Concerts
Alessandra Ravera Corde in canto Concerts
William Reed Trio Concerts
Stephen Reeve La Flamme Lumineuse Concerts
Reich Cello Counterpoint for seven cellos Concerts
Bernhard Romberg Grand Duo in G minor for two cellos, op. 36 no. 1 Concerts
German Romero Voces Escandidas (written for Rohan and Magnus Andersson) Concerts
Lucia Ronchetti Rivale Concerts
Stephan Rostomyan Tagh of Angels Concerts
Roberto Rusconi Duo for viola and cello (written for Garth Knox (viola) & Rohan) Concerts
Kaija Saariaho Mirrors Concerts
Kaija Saariaho Oii Ku Concerts
Marc Sabat Surface Slips Away (2014)(written for Magnus Andersson (guitar) Pascal Gallois (bassoon) & Rohan (cello)) Concerts
Marc Sabat Trio: Reminded of Charlemagne Palestine Concerts
Evis Sammoutis Duo for Violin and Cello
Evis Sammoutis Sextet Concerts
Evis Sammoutis Tesserae (written for for Rohan & Movses Pogossian) Concerts
Eric Satie Croquis et Agaceries (arr. Douglas Young) Concerts
Giacinto Scelsi Bhuni for cello and viola Concerts
Giacinto Scelsi Dharana Concerts
Giacinto Scelsi Duo Concerts
Giacinto Scelsi Elegia per Ty for viola and cello Concerts
Giacinto Scelsi Et maintenant c'est à vous de jouer Concerts
Giacinto Scelsi From String Quartet no.3 Concerts
Giacinto Scelsi Il funerale di Carlomagno AD 814 Concerts
Giacinto Scelsi Manto per Quattro Concerts
Giacinto Scelsi Trio No. 1 Concerts
Boguslaw Schaeffer Marimbcello, (written for Rohan & his son Suren) Concerts
Alfred Schnittke Hymnus II Concerts
Alfred Schnittke String Quartet no. 2 Concerts
Arnold Schoenberg Pierrot Luniare op.21 Concerts
Arnold Schoenberg Sextet
Arnold Schoenberg String Trio op. 45 Concerts
Arnold Schoenberg Verklärte Nacht Concerts
Franz Schubert Auf dem Strom Concerts
Franz Schubert Notturno for Piano Trio Concerts
Franz Schubert Piano Trio in E Flat Op 100 Concerts
Franz Schubert Piano Trio no.1 in B flat major Concerts
Franz Schubert Quintet Concerts
Ernst Schulhof Duo for violin and cello
Robert Schumann Adagio and Allegro Op70 Concerts
Salvatore Sciarrino Codex Purpureus Concerts
Stefano Scodanibbio Il Cielo Sulla Tera Concerts
Stefano Scodanibbio Quodlibet Concerts
Stefano Scodanibbio Western Lands (written for the composer & Rohan) Disc
Oliver Searle To Die Concerts
Alexander Shchetinsky Pas de Deux Concerts
Dmitri Shostakovich 3 Preludes for piano from Op.34 (arranged for viola & cello by Paul Silverthorne Concerts
Dmitri Shostakovich Preludio and Scherzo for string octet Concerts
Dmitri Shostakovich Romanzen Suite Concerts
Dmitri Shostakovich Trio opus 67 Concerts
Francis Silkstone Raga Duo, written for Carin Levine (bass flute) & Rohan Concerts
Thomas Simaku Akhmatova Song Concerts
Thomas Simaku Duo for viola and cello Concerts
Thomas Simaku Two Albanian Folksongs: for cello and guitar Concerts
Nikos Skalkottas Four Duos for violin and cello
Naresh Sohal Duo for flute & cello Concerts
Naresh Sohal Poems of Tagore no.3 Concerts
Jean Solage Fumeux Fume Concerts
Mauricio Sotelo El Cello, la Guitarra y el Mar (written for Rohan and Magnus Andersson) Concerts
Mauricio Sotelo Memoriae
Asha Srinivasan Dviraag Concerts
Gerhard Stäbler Dunkel- Im Aschenen Dämmer Concerts
Donald Stewart Trasfigurazione Concerts
Karlheinz Stockhausen Aus den Sieben Tagen Concerts
Karlheinz Stockhausen Für kommende Zeiten Concerts
John Stringer Nocturnal (written for Pascal Gallois, Magnus Andersson & Rohan) Concerts
Harri Suilamo Ur Nattboken (written for Pascal Gallois, Magnus Andersson & Rohan) Concerts
Hilary Tan Lief Concerts
Phyllis Tate Sonata for clarinet and cello
John Tavener Akhmatova Songs (for cello and soprano) Concerts
John Tavener Akhmatova Songs for cello & flute Concerts
John Tavener Akhmatova Songs I,III & V Concerts
Paul Tierney Gallowgate Lard (written for Richard Craig (flute), Roberto Fabbriciani (flute), Tadej Kenig (clarinet) & Rohan) Concerts
Reza Vali Folk Songs Set No.9, I -VI and VIII Concerts
Richard Vella Mirrors of Fire (cello octet & table) Concerts
Josť MS Verdu Nada (written for Magnus Andersson & Rohan) Concerts
Heitor Villa-Lobos Adagio Concerts
Heitor Villa-Lobos Jet Whistle for flute and cello
Param Vir Beyond The Reach Of The World (cello & percussion) (written for Rohan & his son Suren) Concerts
Param Vir Darbar Chhayanat Concerts
Param Vir Wheeling Past the Stars (dedicated to Rohan and Patricia Rozario) Concerts
Antoni Vivaldi Sonata for cello & bass continuo Concerts
Antoni Vivaldi Sonata in A minor Concerts
Antoni Vivaldi Sonata in E minor Concerts
Caspar Johannes Walter Comodo e Lamentoso Concerts
David Ward Arias and Cadenzas Concerts
Carl Maria von Weber Trio op.63: IV Finale (Allegro) Concerts
Judith Weir Several Concertos Concerts
Christian Wolff Exercise 29 (Trio) Concerts
Christian Wolff Exercise 3 Concerts
Christian Wolff Exercises for cello, clarinet, guitar, mandolin & piano Concerts
Christian Wolff For 1, 2 or 3 people Concerts
Christian Wolff One Coat Of Paint Disc
Christian Wolff Trio Concerts
Jurg Wyttenbach Tages Concerts
Iannis Xenakis Charisma for clarinet and cello Concerts
Iannis Xenakis Dhipli Zyia Concerts
Iannis Xenakis Hunem-Iduhey Concerts
Iannis Xenakis Ikhoor Concerts
Iannis Xenakis Roscobeck for cello and double bass (written for Rohan & Stefano Scodanibbio) Concerts
Douglas Young The Little Horse Concerts
Douglas Young Ukasa Concerts
Alexander Zemlinsky Clarinet Trio
Hans Zender Five Haiku Concerts
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